The “Spirit of Microding Award” was started by the Finger Lakes Microd Club to recognize outstanding individuals & groups that dedicate endless hours & in many cases their own money, for the betterment of the sport of Microding. To date the “Spirit of Microding Award” has been presented six times, after the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2008 seasons. 


In 2001 the award was presented to, The Board of Directors & General Membership of the Mid-State Microd Club. After many years of renting the hillcrest track from the Jackson Family the directors & membership made the decision to purchase the property in 1998.  Then over the next four years they made many improvements including New Lighting, New Bathrooms, & Re-paving the track surface in the spring of 2001 to up-grade the facility.


In 2002 the award was presented to, Ralph “Grandpa” Philpott .

In the fall of 1992 & the spring of 1993 Grandpa Philpott donated machine time & many hours, riding a bulldozer and other heavy machinery in the construction of the Southern Tier Microd Club’s new “Tri-Oval” track. The only one of it’s kind. Grandpa also served as the clubs “Official Photographer” for nearly 20 years.


In 2003 the award was presented to Bob Robinson.  Bob is the founder of our sport, he Designed and built the first “MICROD” race car. He also designed the first Microd Track, Wrote the first Microd Plan Book, Rules of Racing for Microds, the First Point System, & the first Official Newspaper About Microd Racing. (The Microd News) 6 issues all published in 1956.


In 2004 the award was presented to the team of Tom & Betty Wilcox “for 25 years of Dedication to Microding”. Tom has served as Head Judge, Pit Steward, & Race Director of the Syracuse Microd Club, and has helping out with NYSMA races whenever asked. Betty has run the Syracuse Microd Club’s Concession Stand, and Served on the club’s Board of Directors, as well as filling the leadership positions of NYSMA’s Treasurer, Secretary and head of the Trophy committee over the years.


In 2005 the award was presented to Tom Morrison for the “design of the Special” this microd design went state wide in 1966 and increased the margin of safety for all drivers, all this while keeping most of Bob’s original principals (ease of construction) in tact. Your design is still with us today, On the NYSMA level the method of construction used has changed, and some materials have been updated, but it’s still your same basic design underneath.


In 2006 the award to Lori Wilcox for for Serving 6 Consecutive Seasons as “NYSMA President (2000 – 2006)”.  Your consistency of making decisions over that 6 year span has been outstanding. Lori Wilcox, you have set a standard for Dedication to our Sport that many will look up to for years to come. Your efforts have helped to create one of the longest periods of stability, in our sport.


In 2007the award was not presented following the 2007 Season.



The 2008 Award read as follows:



1) Randy Frost with track in background (1994)        2)  Picture of the track taken in 2006



Spirit of Microding Award


Presented this Day

October 5th 2008 to:



Randy Frost

for Starting “Tri-County Microd Club”



We the members of the Finger Lakes Microd Club wish to recognize Randy Frost for all your Passion, & Leadership Qualities you demonstrated in bringing the “Tri-County Microd Club into Existence. We would like acknowledge your “We’re here for the Kids” attitude and the many hours it took to create & maintain the Clubs track. Through your efforts the Tri-County Microd Club has surpassed and become the longest Dirt Racing Microd Club in Microd History. (16 Seasons)  Ultimately your efforts along with those of many others through the years, continue to provide a positive opportunity for families to interact & spend time together in an activity they enjoy. It’s also our hope that in some small way, the experience of giving to the “Sport of Microding”, has added joy and meaning to your life.



The “Sprit of Microding Award” has not given,

since the 2008 Season.


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