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Marc Newbury was the first special needs child to race with us. Marc has spina bifida, we have had good success adapting Microds to kids with this condition. Over the years we’ve had kids with cerebral palsy, asthma, a hearing disorder, a brain disorder, attention deficit disorder both with and without hyperactivity, and a heart condition where only half the heart grew. And there are others who never shared their specific conditions with us, but we are willing to try to accommodate any child with most any situation. If you know of someone who might benefit from what we offer, please contact us.

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For many of these kids this is a chance to be normal at something. And for many just the knowledge of knowing that they can do something as well as ‘a normal person’ is very psychologically uplifting.


1. Marc Newbury with #26 Microd (1989) Freeville NY

2. Tim Hughes with #14 Microd (1992) Dryden NY

3. Johnny Rogers with #21 Microd (1990) Elmira NY

4.     Denny Rankin with #43 Microd (1990) Cortland NY



We are always looking for kids we can help make a difference for and would like to learn to race.

By calling us you will be helping us to fulfill one of our club goals. (Goal 5)


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1. Mike Rehbein with #68 Microd (1995-7) McLean NY

2. Jamie Rizzo with #42 Microd (2002) Ithaca NY

3. Jordan Turner with #78 Microd (2004) Corning NY

4. Bryan Bliss with #26 Microd (2004-5) Elmira NY


For More on the History of Special Kids see Flmc & Little Wheels History Click Here

If you would like to contact us about getting your child, or someone you know started, call or E-mail us and we’ll set up a time when you can come for try-out, to let your child try it before deciding if you want to race or not. Please remember you do not have to own a microd to race with us!
A.J. Burgess

Po Box 215

Freeville NY 13068



A.J. – lwheels@clarityconnect.com



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